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" Windross says: "That takes the piss out of my colour... "I made a lot of money." Oxide and Neutrino are currently promoting their Christmas single - a rough-edged groove called No Good 4 Me that is closer to the early hardcore sound of the Prodigy (which it samples) than anything in garage. During a rehearsal break, Neutrino - 18-year-old MC Mark Oseitutu - explains his view on the split in garage.It's portrayed itself as a garage record and for me it's a piss-take record." He refused to have his photograph taken with Dee Kline for the Face magazine. "I think it's because we're like 18 years old and everyone's young and those guys are like 30 to 40.

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Today, General Levy is still recording but drum'n'bass has slipped from the limelight. While having their photos taken, committee members Windross, MC Creed and DJ Jason Kaye joke about the weather. "If the old guard goes, then most of the music will be like that - and then UK garage is dead." Proper UK garage consists of core elements, adds Norris.

For a group that has so provoked UK garage's renegade youth faction, they're remarkably affable. "A certain element of soulfulness and, above all, a certain groove." He is 37, Creed is 34; is there a generation gap going on here?

DJ Rap - a leading drum'n'bass producer - attended one meeting where she was told she couldn't play the record, and couldn't DJ at certain events.

She refused and claims to have later received anonymous threatening phone calls.

Spoony was interviewing Lisa Maffia, Romeo and Mega Man from the south London posse, So Solid Crew. Later, a gimmicky party record called I Don't Smoke by DJ Dee Kline reached the top 20.

The UK garage scene's elite - the Dreem Teem and elder statesmen DJs like Norris "Da Boss" Windross - refused to play either single.

"It's a generation thing." "There's this new kids/ old boys thing going on," says Spoony, 30, of Radio 1's specialist garage trio, the Dreem Teem. " "Give the youth of nowadays a chance to bust through that barrier - 'cause you lot have been there for so long and it's our time now," retorted Romeo. The problems began in April when Oxide and Neutrino - who are closely tied to So Solid Crew - went to number one.

Last Sunday morning, on the Dreem Teem's Radio 1 show, the issue hit the airwaves. They sold 250,000 copies of (Casualty) Bound 4 Da Reload, a noisy hit built around a sample from the music to the TV series Casualty and Neutrino's frantic MC rapping.

Other records have followed and music magazines dubbed the new style "breakbeat garage".

"I don't like many of those records of that style," says Spoony.

Doors are open 10.00pm-4.00am and tickets are priced at £12 in advance or £15 on the door To get clubbers in the mood for that the club plays host to a live P. Saturday 29th March sees UK glamour model Katie Price AKA Jordan paying her first visit to the club for 'Fresh' to host a night of fun onstage audience participation competitions from 11.30pm.

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