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The allegations stretch back as far as 50 years and are as recent as the 1970s.

Claims of abuse have been made about homes run by the order in places including Newcastle upon Tyne, Plymouth, Swansea, Manchester and Sunderland.

The inclusion of comparative and cross-cultural examples and discussions, relevant case studies and other pedagogical features make this book an invaluable learning tool for undergraduate and post graduate students in disciplines such as criminology, mental health studies, criminal theory, and contemporary sociology.

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Police are also investigating after lawyers representing former residents passed on relevant files.

So far, the Poor Sisters of Nazareth have refused to comment, but it is believed that the allegations will be contested vigorously.

Deviance from normative behavior is not only prevalent in offline interactions, but those that take place online as well.

Several theories have sought to address the notion of deviant behavior, but have done so with a focus on either individual or group-level behavior.

Each of these essays provides insight not only into the historical and sociological evolution of the topic addressed, but also highlights associated notable thinkers, research findings, and key published works for further reference.

As a whole, this undertakes an in depth evaluation of the contemporary state of knowledge within the area of social deviance, and beyond this considers future directions and concerns that will engage scholars in the decades ahead.

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FOR MORE than 100 years, the Poor Sisters of Nazareth cared for children in the order's dozens of homes across Britain.

In online contexts identities can easily switch (i.e., be made salient at either an individual level or a group level), and existing theorizing on deviant behavior does not take into account this identity salience as a factor in responding to deviance.

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