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In terms of hookup apps, this one gives Tinder a run for its money.

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The report released by the Urban Institute Wednesday paints Myspace as one of the more popular sites used to solicit sex, with its online services allegedly not only helping mask the illegal activity but geographically expanding it.

"Myspace, all that, it's just a disguise," one unidentified worker said in the study.

In one recent instance, the official described a young girl at a police station as showcasing her very own website to officers that featured photos of her in a thong and a little top.

There is a bevy of dating apps out there, ranging from selective, invite­only apps to straight up sex apps.

All of this will have to happen quickly though, so you better be ready if you get a match.

For an app with a beautiful and clean UI, it is quite dirty.Despite the large amount of Tinder users out there, Hinge knows you will get tired of failed relationships and odd hook­ups and will run to your friends for assistance; only now there is an app that will do the suggesting for you.Next up is Pure, which, in a nutshell, is an app made explicitly for the explicit, people who use it are looking for sex from people in their general location and want it now.Mc Leod’s app does this, only you don’t have to be invited to a dinner party or get together in order to be connected with someone.This is what he is banking on, and believes it will help him in the long run, as he thinks Tinder will be the new My Space, with his app being the dating version of Facebook.But with these few giants in the ring, how can new, smaller sites and apps make their way into consumers’ hearts?

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