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Pin back The CAP (Civil Air Patrol) was formed after the Pearl Harbour attack in 1941 and still exists today (2007)Stamped sterling in recessed letters.

‬, Hativat Ha Tzanhanim), also known as the Paratroopers Brigade, is an infantry brigade unit of paratroopers within the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and forms a major part of the Infantry Corps.

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Paratrooper recruits go through a ​-month arduous training period that includes fitness training, Krav Maga training, harsh combat skills, specializing in a wide range of weapons, field craft, long marches with heavy equipment, weeks of survival training including navigation and camouflage, helicopter training, jump training, collaboration with other units, and urban warfare. At the end of the course, recruits must complete a "Beret March", and march 90 kilometers in full combat gear. Outnumbered reinforcements who entered the fray fought desperately to rescue their comrades.

After they complete the march, they are officially inducted into the Paratroopers Brigade. After nightfall, the Egyptians were finally routed, but at the cost of 38 paratroopers dead and over 100 more wounded. The paratroopers jumped once again during the Sinai Campaign—at At-Tur, on the south-eastern shore of the Gulf of Suez.

Distinct from all other soldiers of the IDF, Paratroopers wear a tunic and belt over the shirt.

The IDF has three reservist paratrooper brigades (includes the 226) at any given time, consisting of personnel who served their mandatory time in the brigade, and who are mostly relatively recently discharged, aside from officers.

The new unit was equipped with the IMI Uzi submachine gun as their primary weapon as it provided light and small automatic fire, essential properties for recon units and commandos.

The first commander of the Paratroopers Brigade was Ariel Sharon.

After the war's end, the paratroopers concentrated on reorganization and training with emphasis on helicopter operations.

At least 49 Egyptian POWs were executed by the Paratroopers Brigade.

Flying bullet is attached to wing by two rivets as often observed with LGB made wings.

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