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A suitable name: Bergen is often called 'the city among the seven mountains'.It was the playwright Ludvig Holberg who felt so inspired by the seven hills of Rome, that he decided that his home town must be blessed with a corresponding seven mountains - and locals still argue which seven they are.Bergen Port is Norway's busiest in terms of both freight and passengers with over 300 cruise ship calls a year bringing nearly a half a million passengers to Bergen, The city's main football team is SK Brann and the city's unique tradition is the buekorps.

From upper left: City center with Lille Lungegårdsvannet, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Bybanen at Nygård, Bergenshus and Laksevåg with Bryggen, Vågen by Byfjorden, Boathouses at Nordnes, Bergen City Hall and the Bergen metropolitan region has about 420,000 inhabitants. The municipality covers 465 square kilometres (180 sq mi) and is on the peninsula of Bergenshalvøyen.

The city centre and northern neighbourhoods are on Byfjorden, 'the city fjord', and the city is surrounded by mountains; Bergen is known as the 'city of seven mountains'.

The city's cathedral was the site of the first royal coronation in Norway in the 1150s, and continued to host royal coronations throughout the 13th century.

Bergenhus fortress dates from 1240s and guards the entrance to the harbour in Bergen.

Bergen has a mild winter climate, though with a lot of precipitation.

During December - March, the temperature difference between Bergen and Oslo can be up to 30 degrees Celsius, despite the fact that both cities are at approximately 60 degrees North.It served as Norway's capital in the 13th century, and from the end of the 13th century became a bureau city of the Hanseatic League.Until 1789, Bergen enjoyed exclusive rights to mediate trade between Northern Norway and abroad and it was the largest city in Norway until the 1830s when it was surpassed by the capital, Christiania (now known as Oslo).Trading in Bergen may have started as early as the 1020s.According to tradition, the city was founded in 1070 by king Olav Kyrre and was named Bjørgvin, 'the green meadow among the mountains'.In 1428 the city was plundered by German pirates, and in 1455, Hanseatic merchants were responsible for burning down Munkeliv Abbey. The last element is vin (f.), which means a new settlement where there used to be a pasture or meadow.

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